New Client Intake for 2021

Are You Serious About Your Personal, Professional or Spiritual Development and Growth?

Franchelle is accepting a limited number of one-to-one clients for 2021. If you are serious about your personal, professional or spiritual growth and development and are committed to powerful transformation and change in 2021 then please register your interest for personalised programs beginning in February 2021.


1.  Use the ‘Register’ button to register your interest
2.  Enter your details
3.  I will contact you with further information

8 Session One-to-One Programs

  • I offer what I believe are the most comprehensive personal, professional and spiritual development programs available.
  • I work to support my clients with personalised multi-session programs that have a multidisciplinary basis.
    This way of working has as its objective deep, rapid and dynamic transformative change.
  • I offer a select number of placements for individuals who wish to work with me to effect powerful unprecendented change and transformation.
  • I work with individuals who are self-motivated, self-directed and committed to their own personal transformation and growth at a personal, professional or spiritual level.
  • Work with me for 8 personalised monthly sessions to radically transform and change your life.
  • If you are interested in embarking on a journey like no other you have ever experienced then please register your interest using the register button and enter your details.

Note: Franchelle does not see clients for single sessions.

Appointments 2021

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